We Tried The Tail Boot

Tired of tail bags and wrapping your horses tail? We think this is better!

Raise your hand… anyone else struggle with tail bags ultimately tossing them into the ‘box of failed purchases’ … or into the trash? I actually  bought two types of tail bags thinking a different type would be better…. so now I have two tail bags in the ‘box of failed purchases’. I never figured out how to make them stay in! Then I started braiding and wrapping my Arab’s tail with vet wrap… which was better but left him defenseless against flies.

Flipping through facebook posts I came across a post about the Tail Boot and thought… mmm this looks like a perfect solution! Found the website, whipped out the credit card and ordered a blue one. A short time later it arrives.

Upon opening my first impression is that the material is quality, made out of a neoprene type material. It had a “tail” on it made of a bailing twine material perfect for swatting flies.  I ran down to the stable dying to try it out, washed and conditioned Black’s tail. After it dried I braided it, read the instruction diagram and stuffed his tail in the Tail Boot and  secured the Velcro. EASY! SO easy! No pulling hair through tubes, no trying to tie a slippery tail bag.

But does it stay on you ask? YES! As per the instructions the boot will settle down below the tail bone, which it did. It stayed on securely for a month, at which time I took it off to wash and condition his tail. The Tail Boot will get dirt and shavings in it over time so I suggest taking it off and cleaning the Tail Boot and the horses tail after 30 days. The Tail Boot is so easy to get on and off you won’t mind removing it!

What I liked about it:

  1. The horse can swat flies with the Tail Boot!
  2. EASY to put on and take off
  3. Stays on
  4. Breathable
  5. Doesn’t pull on hair or tailbone
  6. Easy to clean
  7. The tail comes in colors
  8. The tail is replaceable
  9. Comes in different sizes to accommodate your horses height and tail thickness

I liked the Tail Boot so much I bought a 2nd generation Tail Boot for our mare.

The Tail Boot gets a Ears Up review from us!






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