Sore Bloody Hocks

Sore bloody hocks

I have a spotted saddle horse that loves to take naps and lays down every night. Her hocks get bloody and scabby and really sore. I tried everything salve, spray and coconut oil. The coconut oil worked the best in keeping it moist and healing but it didn’t stop the sores from forming. The challenge was finding something that stayed on.

After research I found the Hock Shield. This is what I liked about it:

  • Not restrictive
  • Breathes
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

But do they stay on?

YES! They stay on 98% of the time. On rare occasion one slides off.

How durable are they?

I’ve been using it for 8 months and they are holding up great! I have a napping queen who loves to lay down for naps so she has been putting them to the test¬† I leave them on 24hrs a day and take them off then riding. They have been durable and stand up to the Arizona sand and grit. The sandy dirt has worn a hole but considering how hard she is on them I give them a A+.

Put them on snug. They will break in and loosen up over time and will need to be adjusted and tightened during the break-in period.







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